Sunday, April 20, 2014

My favourite 10 posts

Hello all!  Now that  have almost 4 years of weekly posts under my belt, I thought that I would pick 10 that
are special to me in some way and revisit them.

I should just complete things! - My first post, highlighting and classic problem I have.  I think I have got better with this, but it is good to be reminded of this.  One thing I have found that helps during writing my first draft of Awakening of Asuria was to email Neil Rennison my progress every week.  Knowing that I have to report on my progress (or lack of it) motivated me to make sure I made some.

April A to Z - K is for Karam Gruul. - Karam Gruul was my favourite villain from my first April A to Z. This guy knows what he is doing.  He stays one step ahead of you at all times and doesn't rely on unreliable methods such as hordes of orcs to protect himself. Unfortunately, I could not give him top marks, as Gnaag was a more perennial foe to Lone Wolf.

Love in gamebooks. - Done to celebrate my wedding day :D :D :D.

When I decided to write gamebooks - A reflective post that I made about my journey as a writer.  My journey is not over yet.

Happy new year!  I made this post after Andrew Wright's post, Keep on bloggin'.  It is important, because Andrew's post inspired me to, er, keep on bloggin' after I thought that I wouldn't get anywhere with my blog.  I'm glad that he did.

April A to Z - H is for Harkuna and the Fabled Lands - a post featuring Dave Morris who has been a constant source of good advice to me over the years.

Something's up in the land of Destiny Quest - my first vlog.  I need to make more as apparently, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Why I consider Shadowcaster a failure and what I can take from it. - I loved writing Shadowcaster, but it was a distaster.  I still learnt lots from it, though.

Why do we read gamebooks? - An important post as it questions the whole reason of why I do what I do.

Adventuer:  The Solo Role Playing Game - why gamebooks need something like this. - Another project I learnt a lot from, which lead me to make my own system.

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  1. Very interesting to find your blog! I have never 'met' anyone who writes game books before but they play a big role in our home as our N3S reads them (Minecraft mostly at the moment). I am off to look at your links related to your gamebooks.