Sunday, April 1, 2012

April A to Z - B is for blogs part 4 - Lone Tiger Gamebook Reviews

Yes, I know that I have something to do with the Lone Tiger Gamebook Reviews blog, but what kind of a writer would I be if I wasn't above shameless self promotion?

This blog is partly my venture and partly Andrew Wright's (who is famous for many things to do with gamebooks, including contributing to Fighting Fantazine, writing a Gamebook Adventure, Winning the 2011 Windhammer competition and putting together the soon to be released Out of the Pit II) who came up with the TIGER system of scoring each gamebook.

I thought of the idea when I was reading yet another review of a Fighting Fantasy book and thought to myself 'There's quite a lot on the well known books, but not very much on less well known gamebooks or amateur gamebooks.' And so I emailed Andrew and asked him if he would like to set up a joint blog where we reviewed gamebooks that were either written by amateurs and so had very little coverage beyond their home sites or gamebooks that had somehow got lost in the mists of time. 

I came up with the name (Lone Tiger being an amalgamation of Lone Wolf and Way of the Tiger just like Virtual Fantasies is an amalgation of Virtual Reality and Fighting Fantasy) and Andrew came up with the TIGER scoring system. 

We have written several posts between us now so take a look at them at

Also, anyone is welcome to write a review so if you want to tell the world about a little known gamebook, read our review system then send in your review to

Happy gamebooking!

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