Friday, April 13, 2012

April A to Z - L is for Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf series of gamebooks is an epic which sees you as the title character, Lone Wolf.  You go from a young initiate to the ruler of all the Kai and saviour of your world over the period of 20 books. It also spawned a couple of spin offs - the New Order Kai series and the Greystar the Wizard series.

There are frequent comparisons between Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy but they both have their respective merits.  Lone Wolf had huge story arcs, great character development and a host of characters who would become your friends and enemies.  The books reward logical choices and some can be quite easy to complete.  Fighting Fantasy, on the other hand were usually self contained books of varying difficulty (usually tending towards the harder side).

ALL the Lone Wolf books are also available for Project Aon so go there and see how great they are for yourselves.


  1. AWESOME! I missed the Long Wolf books in their orgiginal run and I am headed that way!

  2. A few are also available for the Kindle and the interface works quite well, especially when dealing with those random number charts in the combat system.