Friday, April 27, 2012

April A to Z - Y is for Youtube

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google so it is only natural that gamebooks and interactive fiction will appear on Youtube.  Here is a selection of gamebook related channels and videos on Youtube.  Enjoy!

Tin Man Games

You can see the trailers for the latest Gamebook Adventure at the Tin Man Games channel as well as watch some interviews with the Tin Men and see what they like.

Fighting Fantasy

Currently has only one video but it might get some more?

Laughing Jackal Games

This is the company that has made some Fighting Fantasy books available on Playstation.  You can watch the trailers here.

The Dark Room

Comedian John Robertson berates you in increasingly creative and amusing ways while you try to escape from the dark room.

Blend Your Own Adventure

Corey Vidal blends two items of your choice together and drinks the results.  Your reward is the look on his face.

Blend Your Own Adventure 2

As above but you also get to do it with ten people.  Endless fun.

Chad, Matt and Rob

Choose Your Own Adventure style game with entertaining videos as the eponymous heroes get themselves into dangerous and bizarre situations.

Star Breed gamebook trailer

This is a game for the iPhone.  Check out the trailer.


This user videos games as he plays them but he has also played some gamebooks.  If you want to read along with him, you could start on Let's read Lone Wolf 1.


  1. Where's that video of Ian L as a postman? Seriously, I have really enjoyed this series of posts and it will be sad to see them come to an end. What will I read with my morning cuppa now?

    1. Ian Livingstone as a postman? What was that in?

    2. He did a cameo in a horror movie or whodunit (not sure which) that Russ Nicholson did some production artwork for. He did a pretty good job of being genially sinister!

  2. Very informative post...happy A to Z-ing...blessings

  3. @Dave - Many thanks for your praise, Dave and also for being interviewed. I am also sad that it's coming to an end - I've enjoyed collecting these interviews.

    @Shannon - many thanks :).