Monday, April 11, 2011

April A to Z - I is for Ikiru

Look at the size of that
Appears in:  Sword of the Samurai (Fighting Fantasy 20) by Jamie Thomson.

Background:  He's a demon who lives in the Onikaru, the Pit of Demons and has stolen Singing Death, a magical sword.  The wielder of this sword is seen as the true ruler of Hachiman.

Prominence:  You don't really see him until the end.  He has some powerful guardians, but your challenges before reaching the Place of Battle have little to do with Ikiru.  2/10

Hardness:  Ikiru has a skill of 12 and a stamina of 12.  If you own Singing Death, he might drain your skill and luck if he hits you.  He also attacks you with black lightning. However, if you know the secret of singing death and have a high honour score, you can negate these attacks and may be able to kill him with a single blow.  You don't have much chance if you don't know the secret, though.  6/10

Ambition:  I'm not sure if Ikiru actually wants to rule over Hachiman or just cause chaos, but its effects will be country wide so 7/10

Style:  Cowl with balckness instead of a face.  Lives in a pit of demons.  Steals a sword.  That's it.  2/10

Diabolical genius:  He has some crazy friends, but that's about it.  2/10

Total score:  He's a strong demon who stole a powerful sword and then sits at home watching it.  19/50

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