Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April A to Z - P is for Parsion

Ragadorn tour 5050.
Parsion is on the far right.
Appears in:  Fire on the Water (Lone Wolf 2) by Joe Dever.

Background:  Parsion is introduced to you as a priest who accompanies you on a coach journey between Ragadorn and Port Bax.  However, it turns out that he is an assassin whose job is to kill you and to prevent you from getting the Sommerswerd.

Prominence:  Parsion is not in the whole book.  He turns up for a few scenes.  4/10.

Hardness:  A combat skill of 16 and an endurence of 23 makes Parsion a fighter with some skill but he is no master.  However, he does manage a couple of assassination attempts before you finally confront him.  3/10.

Ambition:  He's been ordered to kill you by someone who works for the Darklords.  He's not too high up on the food chain.  3/10.

Style:  He's not too distinctive although maybe he's not trying to draw attention to himself.  You won't think about him once he's gone.  1/10.

Diabolical genius:  He pulls off quite a good impersonation as a priest and comes up with creative ways of killing you - trying to get you run over and by poisoning your food.  One mark deducted for wearing a blatantly obvious sign of his allegence.  4/10.

Total score:  Parsion, if's that his real name, provides and interesting challenge to you in the book but he ranks a little higher than mook in the hierarchy of the enemy.  15/50


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  2. I have done the same thing as Scott has done, Lloyd.

  3. Nice description, Lloyd!
    I really liked that false priest, although it is easy to catch.