Saturday, April 16, 2011

April A to Z - N is for Necklace of Skulls

He's definately not 'armless.
Appears in:  Necklace of Skulls (Virtual Reality 4) by Dave Morris.

Background:  Your twin brother, on a mission to the great city, found it almost deserted, having being attacked by werewolves.  After a journey across the desert, he comes to the palace of the Necklace of Skulls but does not return.  It is up to you to find out what happened.

Prominence:  Until you get to his city, your encounters have nothing to do with Necklace of Skulls himself.  4/10.

Hardness:  Necklace of Skulls is a powerful sorcerer.  If you don't win the game with the hydra blood ball, he makes your partner disappear in a shower of sparks with a thought.  He can do the same to you if you do not act quickly.  He can be killed after a punishing combat but  if you have your brother with you, defeating him becomes a lot easier.  Killing Necklace of Skulls is not the hardest part of the book.  The hardest part is killing the sorcerer and leaving with your brother.  7/10

Ambition:  When you get closer to the Necklace of Skulls' home, people talk of strange beasts attacking their cities, but I'm not sure if that is down to him.  From what's explicitly stated, it seems that he just likes to hang out in the desert with his doggy friends which makes me wonder why people visit him so much.  3/10

Style:  Necklace of Skulls certainly has a unique look, a unique name and a unique place to live.  His servants are also brilliantly devious and enjoy revelling in your suffering.  9/10.

Diabolical genius:  Each of the Necklace of Skulls' challenges are diabolical, especially the end of the sacred game, where if you didn't win by throwing the hydra blood ball through the top hoop, he blows up your partner.  His rooms do not kill you but weaken you and terrify you, prolonging your suffering.  Necklace of Skulls really has some sadistic genius about him.  8/10

Total score:  A brilliant villain who just needs to get out more and something to aim for.  31/50


  1. Maybe the Necklace of Skulls just didn't have a game partner of his own and had to take his aggression out on someone. Thanks for sharing, and it's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

  2. Hi, Dave,

    I hopped over from A-Z. You do have a way with words and games. Very creative. It's nice to meet you....

  3. Hi guys, thanks for your great comments :).

    @Jeffrey - He may just need a game partner. I don't think he feels that his dog people are worthy of his company.

    @Michael - Thanks for your comments. It's nice to meet you too. :).