Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April A to Z - Q is for Quezkari

He's got a talented
Appears in:  Bloodbones (Fighting Fantasy 60) by Jonathan Green.

Summary:  Quezkari is the god that your pirate enemies follow.  After killing Cinnabar and piercing his heart, Quezkari comes to avenge his death.

Prominence:  He's appears at the end of the book but a lot of your enemies follow him.  6/10

Hardness:  He has a skill of 13 and a stamina of 18.  Unless you are protected with a charm, his blows deal 3 stamina points of damage.  He can only be harmed by magical weapons.  That's quite hard.  Also, unlike some villains, he cannot be killed of by a single item.  There are a few items that weaken him, but he will still be a challenge.  9/10

Ambition:  He is described as a manifestation of all the souls turned into zombies by Ramatu and all of the people killed by Cinnabar so I guess his ambition is lots of death.  8/10

Style:  He's a voodoo death god.  I suppose he appears quite typical for a voodoo death god.  5/10.

Diabolical genius:  When you face him, he just attacks you.  His servants also do not come up with anything particularly outside the box.  4/10.

Total score:  Sure, he's a god, but he's not the brains behind the operation.  32/50

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