Monday, April 18, 2011

Tags and a reminder

Hi all.  I've just noticed that my list of tags is a bit long.  At the moment, I have tagged every author and every gamebook title that I have used in a post.  I think I will change the tags from gamebook titles to gamebook the gamebook series and leave the author in.  I would like to put a list of tags up but I do not want to make it too long.

Does anyone have any comments/advice on tags?

Also, a reminder that it has been a month and a half since the Windhammer Prize for 2011 was announced and that the submissions close on the 7th September, so get writing.  I haven't started yet as I'm trying to scheldule my blog posts until the end of July at least, so I'm writing those at the moment, but I'm really itching to start.

Another reminder is that Arion Games will be releasing Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition.  You can pre order it here.

Have a nice week :).

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