Monday, April 18, 2011

April A to Z - O is for The Overlord from the Citadel of Chaos by Jamie Thomson

He auditioned for Tron.
Appears in:  Citadel of Chaos by Jamie Thomson (not to be confused with the Citadel of Chaos by Steve Jackson who is not to be confused with the Steve Jackson who wrote Scorpion Swamp.  We all clear now? Good).  This is the 2nd book in the Eternal Champions series.  However, just to clear it up, the evil ruler of Godorno is The Coils of Hate is also called the Overlord.  

Background:  The Overlord is a computer program whose(?) original aim was to make sure that humanity was well looked after.  However, soon got ideas of its own and starting trying to sap humanity's strength by making live a life of pleasure.  Anyone who objected was killed and replaced with clones.  Now the Overlord has taken over most of the World.

Prominence:  The Overlord himself(?) only shows up at the end, but you have to deal with his(?) its(?) servants all of the way through the book.  There are several underlings who you have to fight first.  9/10.

Hardness:  The Overlord's program is stored within an indestructible titanium cube so you can't destroy the hardware.  It can also go anywhere on the world wide web so it needs to so you have t trap it with a cybercage program.  If you do manage to face the program, it will be tough as the Overlord knows almost every martial art with only a few weaknesses in the program.  9/10

Ambition:  The Overlord wants World domination and the eradication of humanity.  10/10.

Style:  He's a computer program so he's not too hot on clothes.  He also doesn't mince his words and refers to you as a virus.  However, when he dies, he makes a nice multicoloured explosion.  5/10

Diabolical genius:  He manage to fool humanity that he was helping them while taking over the World.  He's also smart enough to take a lot of precautions to protect himself.  He has systematically gained control over most living things.  9/10

Total score:  He's strong, effective but not too fancy.  A bit like a computer program should be.  42/50

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