Friday, April 15, 2011

April A to Z - M is for Malbordus

This place is the pits.
Appears in:  Temple of Terror (Fighting Fantasy 14) by Ian Livingstone.

Background:  Malbordus is a human who was abandoned by his mother and raised by Dark Elves.  He showed a talent for Dark Elf magic.  As a test, he was sent to the city of Vatos to find five dragon artefacts and animate them so that they become dragons.  He will then lead an army across Allansia.

Prominence:  Most of your trials and tribulations come from your journey rather than dealing with Malbordus.  Even in the city of Vatos, the servants who attack you are servants of Leesha rather than Malbordus.  1/10

Hardness:  Malbordus casts one spell which will reduce your skill by three if you do not have a rind that will protect you.  It will make your battle with him harder, but it's hardly instant death.  You then fight him.  He has a skill of 10 and a stamina of 18.  Not too shabby, but there have been better stats for the big bad villain at the end.  6/10.

Ambition:  Conquering Allansia.  9/10.

Style:  He's a human raised by Dark Elves and likes a cool desert city, but there is not much about Malbordus that sticks out.  3/10.

Diabolical genius:  Malbordus gets a bonus mark for the messenger of death but other than that, there is very little that he has done to stop you.  The rest is done by Leesha.  3/10

Total score:  Malbordus is just at the start of his super villain career so he hasn't had time to develop his own brand and raise his own army.  If he had been allowed to live longer, he may have done a lot better.   23/50

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