Thursday, April 3, 2014

April A to Z - C is for Cubus Games

Hello gamebookers!  Today we have Quim Garreta from Cubus Games, a company that is producing some great gamebooks apps.  As well as an app of Kyle B. Stiff's Heavy Metal Thunder, Cubus Games will be producing an original gamebook called  The Sinister Fairground.  We have Quim here today.  Have fun!

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m Quim Garreta, cofounder at Cubus Games. I love gamebooks and

role-playing since I was thirteen. I feel lucky to work with the Cubus

Games gamebook app development team and all the artists who

collaborate with us. They are all passionate and talented people

(illustrators, designers, composers, writers…). I like music as a player

(guitar, drummer and singer), composer and listener. I like composing

original soundtracks for our gamebooks.

How did Cubus Games come into existence? 

We started making an amateur prototype of gamebook app for Android

devices. The results were good, so we decided to go further and make it

professional. Now, we are a startup based in Barcelona.

What is/are your favorite gamebook(s)? 

If we are talking about the 80’s, all the ‘Choose your own adventure’

paper gamebooks could be our favorites. It’s because this kind of ‘book’

bring a new amazing experience to us, which was unknown at that time.

Nowadays, ‘Sorcery!’ gamebook app by Inkle is one of our favorites

because it’s a new concept for the gamebook apps, which is very

balanced between the reading and the playing.

What titles are you planning on releasing soon? How much will they 


The first gamebook app is “The Sinister Fairground”. It’s planned to

be released at mid April. It was originally written by Nocte (Spanish

Terror Writers Association). It contains more than 40 minutes of original

soundtrack, 97 objects/weapons/armors/articles, 62 characters, 13

scenarios (fairground attractions)… It’s a monster!

After this one, we’ll release the sci-fi gamebook “Heavy Metal

Thunder” by Kyle B. Stiff.

There are more to come. We are working on great stuff but I prefer not

to reveal any name yet. People who want to know more should join our

gamebook community and stay tuned!

What platforms are you planning to release your apps on? 

iPhone and iPad; Android in the future.

Where can we get your apps? 

At first, our apps will be available on the AppStore.

What do you look for in a good gamebook? 

We think that the good gamebook should be able to catch the reader

and take it to another place. It doesn’t matter if it’s whatever reason or

feature. The good gamebook allows the player to forget about the

present and bring the possibility to conquer worlds, fight against

monsters, cast spells, and pilot spaceships… It is an adventure, so the

story (and the music and design as well) has an important task.

However, we think that there’s no secret formula to make the perfect

gamebook… isn’t it?

What does your app add to the gamebook experience? 

We could say that a good gamebook must have “intensity in the

experience”, and all the features (music, illustrations, design) and

system tools are there to help it. We try to follow this premise, but also

the simplicity is very important in order to make the experience of

reading/playing much more “user-friendly”. We would like to seduce

non-gamebook readers as well.

How can people support Cubus games? 

First of all, people can support Cubus Games joining our Gamebook

Community (it’s only a click from We’d like to

listen to our audience, to know about their experiences with our

gamebook apps, and to improve our product in every release.

If people check our first releases from the AppStore and gives feedback

to us, we’ll be able to help the gamebook world get bigger.

Where do you want to see Cubus Games in the future? 

Our dream is to see Cubus Games among the greatest ones in the

world of gamebook app developers. We want to participate with all them

in making this genre grow. We would like to seduce the gamebook

community but also the people who like gamebooks but still they don’t

know. It all would be great…

Cubus Games has a website.  Check it out and get ready to download their great apps :).

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  1. Hey Stuart, thanks for swinging by the open hearth, good to see you there!

    Enjoying this year's A-Z's and as a gamer (old school rpg DM) I really do appreciate A-Z's about games and gamers. So keep up the good work, sir!