Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Tunnels and Trolls solos

Oh, I so love Tunnels and Trolls.  you may know that last year it got huge funding on Kickstarter for a new deluxe edition and I am super excited to see the new source book.  Once I have finished a few projects, I am keen to get back into writing some more Tunnels and Trolls solos in addition to the three that I have already released.  Tunnels and Trolls has produced several great solos since it began back in the 70s, and I enjoy the variety that the system can produce.  However, the early solos are very vague on pretty much all of the rules, some forbid magic (making it even more difficult to play as a wizard or rogue which are 2/3 of all the player classes and some are impossible to play fairly, so I came up with my own rules.  I think I will convert my current solos to be compatible with Deluxe when it comes out, and maybe expand them a bit.  I might also implement some rules that make them compatible with all character levels (have rules where the MR of monsters and the save levels scale with the player's level).  I will also start my new TnT solos.  I aim to make a series of 10 of them.

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Happy soloing!


  1. I never really got on board with T&T. I'm not sure why. Certainly, I never managed to get a T&T RPG group up and running. I played through two or three solo adventures. 'City of Terror' - I think that was the title - was probably the first sandboxy gamebook I played, and that was great fun. You got to fight dinosaurs and the god of time and whatnot. But it didn't have any mechanism to prevent exploitation of loops in the text. So, for young Paul, that was ripe for abuse. 'Double your lowest stat, you say? Great, let's play through that section a dozen times!'

    As an RPG, for some reason it just didn't jive with me. The version of the rules I had included Warrior-Wizards as a fourth player class, and you were allowed to play as a fairy and various other races. Also there was a long table of languages, so that your character could start out speaking, say, 'Cetacean' or 'Pachyderm'. A bit silly.

    So yes, fun, but I never fell in love with T&T. I discovered Herbie Brennan's Monster Horrorshow RPG around the same time, and I probably spent more time with that, even though I've rarely come across a more basic RPG.

  2. Tunnels and Trolls has a lot of fast and loose bits, such as random languages, a system that positively encouraged obsence dice rolls (if you roll a double/triple score, roll again and add that to your double/triple which can be done ad infinitum which counts for all 2d6 and 3d6 rolls, including character creation), nonhumans getting obscene stat changes like dwarves having x2 strength etc. And that's not counting the fact that most solos just ignored some rules leaving you to make it up. There is no list of talents, so you decide if you have a relevant one or not. I have attempted to tighten this up and I think 8th edition will try to do this too.

  3. Thanks for including my solos Stuart :)